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Why should I have finance in-house?

Nowadays many small business prefer to outsource accounting. However, with a new technology emerging there are a lot of benefits to have accounting in-house. There are few of them here to consider:

  • You have a control over your company financials

  • You always have an access to your financials remotely

  • You always get the quickest answers to any questions you have

  • If you hire an accountant this person is dedicated and available to support you

Can I run accounting software myself?

New technology helped to automate majority of accounting tasks. Day to day tasks could be done by admin team members once they undergo software training. This approach will help you to save the costs. However, for monthly accounting closure as well as annual reports we recommend you to higher a professional accountant in order to complete more complicated tasks.

How long it takes to integrate accounting software?

To integrate off-shelf software - Xero or QuickBooks takes around 2 days. We will provide you with the plan and send you a pack of documents you need to request from your current agent in order to upload all necessary information into your new platform.

Would I spend most of my time running the accounting software now?

As a small business owner, your time is money. If you can keep a close eye on the finances of your company while dedicating yourself to the other areas where you’re needed, then there’s no reason not to keep the accounting function in-house. However, if you find you are too much on financial activities, investing in outsourced expertise in areas such as accounting and finance is a sound investment that will provide peace of mind.

Can I do payroll in house?

Yes, with a new accounting software you can certainly run payroll in house. We will make sure you receive accurate training for it.

Does it require significant investments?

No, in the long run you may save significant amounts, by having full control of your financial data, therefore possibility to adapt your strategic planning and budget.

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